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Caring Box Project is a Social Project initiated by Malaysia have a lot of orphanages, old folks' homes, homeless people, and disabled homes that need helps on funds to support their daily expenses. 

The purpose of this Social Project is to promote a Caring Society and to help those unfortunate. Our company is giving out free little saving box where you can save the money on daily basis. 

Donation is not the privilege of rich people. Now Everybody can Donate! You can save RM0.20, RM2, or RM10 every day, according to your capability. We encourage this to be done on a family basis, i.e. One House, One Caring Box. (The monetary amount maybe vary depends on project)

Current Project

Fundraising Campaign for The Pit Stop Community Café  #RM1EGGADAY

The #RM1eggaday Campaign is a joint collaboration between The Pit Stop Community Café & Five Star Ecoprint Sdn Bhd. The campaign will revolve around a cardboard piggy bank box that people will be encouraged to pick up and save their RM1s in the box, to be sent or banked in to the Pit Stop Community Cafe account at the end of the campaign period


Campaign Period is One Month - to launch on November 15, 2019 and End on December 14, 2019


The Pit Stop Community Cafe serves the homeless and urban poor (Street Clients) a hot dinner six days a week. As part of their menu, they serve150 hardboiled eggs each day.


For every RM1 contributed, a Street Client could have a hardboiled egg.

You could help a person in need with just RM30 a month.


Why A Hardboiled Egg?

  • The humble egg is a source of inexpensive, good quality protein.

  • They are also a good source of Vitamin D, which helps to protect the bones of our younger and older Street Clients.

  • Cooked just right, these simple eats also come in their own environmentally-friendly, biodegradable packaging.

Help them help others.

For more information, please visit their:



IG: pitstopcafekl

To get the box,